01 December 2021 / Club News

A Time for Reflection

There has been a lot of bad press for the supporters within Welsh rugby recently, following media reports of beer swilling drunkards causing mayhem, abusing stewards, knocking people over and barging past others.
With that in mind, we feel that now is a timely reminder that there is a Code of Conduct that everyone associated with the club should be adhering to.

Whilst referees are always seen to be against every supporters team, let's not forget that they turn out in all weathers, to ensure that our players get to play the game they love. They as do we, make mistakes. 

Every opposition player is the pantomime villain, but in the end they are only playing their part in today's show. Our game has always been seen as the one where players can give each other hell on the field and still buy each other a pint after. Let's not lose that nobility.

The clubs and facilities we use have been painstakingly built and looked after, to the best of their club's abilities. Just because it looks drab don't treat it as such, treat it like it was painted yesterday. If it looks new, keep it looking that way. We've had teams with us recently that have asked for a brush in order to sweep up the muck and leftovers from taping in their changing room. It's little things that bring clubs a good reputation.

Finally, could you please familiarise yourselves with the WRU Code of Conduct on this website. It can be found here.

We are going places on the field, with our two top class Senior teams, U14, U12, U9, U8, U7 and Cherry Tots. Let's be the best off the playing field as we can too.


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